My name is Jason. I talk for a living.

I talk on your radio, your TV, and your phone. My favorite roles are
inanimate objects. I believe they should have a voice, too.

I am the voice of The John Tesh Radio Show
and Intelligence For Your Health with Connie Sellecca.

My latest projects


You can find me acting on screens big and small. Sometimes, I'm actually talking to other people. It's how life used to look in the old days.

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I talk like a real person. Like, "Hey, you need a couch. Maybe buy this one. Just saying. It's the best couch ever. You should buy it."

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Named to the 2015 Benztown 50 Voice Power Index -
The Top Radio Imaging Voices in the US and Canada!


A few things about me...

I have a wife, two kids, and a cat named Stevie Mitts. Wife has a Fleetwood Mac problem. Cat has a cat problem.

I buy music from record stores. I watch movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I like my football on Saturdays.

I've been hooked on acting since I played the villain in a musical for a children's hospital, and none of the kids would talk to me.

A few of the radio stations where I've been on-air no longer exist. Other than that, it's been a very stable career choice.

I like riding subways and seeing how short a distance I can take an Uber. I have never owned a pair of joggers. I like writing things that people read, hear, or say.

I am thrilled to be on this ride around the sun. I have no regrets about working at any of the aforementioned stations. They were teachable moments with free stickers.

One of the most creative people I’ve ever worked with
— Fritz Moser, Emmis Communications

What I've Achieved

  • Programmed a station from worst to first.
  • Won some awards for commercial copywriting and production.
  • Won some awards for voice acting.
  • Got Taft-Hartley'd into SAG.
  • Got a handwritten rejection letter from Rick Dees. (In Sharpie.)
  • Convinced a girl to marry me.
  • Made some kids.
  • Bought a house. Twice.

I've appeared on stage and screen.

I've hosted events like the Indy 500 Parade and a Special Olympics plane pull.
I hosted a bodybuilding competition, where I totally fit right in.

I have never trashed my dressing room.

Represented by

5455 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 900
Los Angeles, CA 90036
PHONE: (323) 692-1700
FAX: (323) 692-1722

Professionally Trained

Howard Fine Acting Studio
Los Angeles

I've been voicing things since 1996.

Commercials. Virtual simulators. Entire radio stations. 
I once portrayed a neglected suitcase who just wanted to go on vacation.
I imagine he went somewhere tropical.

Represented by

5455 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 900
Los Angeles, CA 90036
PHONE: (323) 692-1700
FAX: (323) 692-1722

Also available for radio imaging through

Professionally Trained

Kalmenson & Kalmenson Voice Casting

Let's create something cool together.